The 7Stars Project Ltd.


 Summary June 2018

An Enlightened Venture forthcoming The 7Stars Project, Ltd. (7SP), planned to be located in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains near Leadville will provide an interdimensional healing and spiritual environment immersed within seven ultraistic structures. The structures will serve as a Temple of Purification to help Etheric Consciousness Activation using this cutting-edge technology and spiritual insight. Coupled with the spiritual nature of the Etheric Retreat, the AHP technology of the EcoPod systems will help create dynamic visuals and help amplify ambient energy and water properties to provide a healing center like none other in leading to support a Better Earth. By providing this mesmerizing art and technology within the 7SP an immersed visual environment of an ecologically positive future will be created along with an added “surreal glimpse of local space-time” to help stimulate natural healing along with the powers of etheric consciousness reactivation. Eventually this healing art and technology can be reconfigured and applied privately or commercially in scenarios in which the list is limitless. Thus helping to manifest and usher in these exciting times of the “Dawning of the New Renaissance.”

Luminations of Kirk (LOK)
 Kirk is an exceptional artist with a unique style and methodology of using proprietary mediums and techniques. Kirk has created over 30 individual pieces of spiritually guided masterpieces that have been labeled by collectors as healing art. In addition to being a talented artist, he is also an inventor with years of professional experience branching into a wide range of Engineering Sciences.

Kirk has been awarded four (4) US environmental patents in water treatment technology with applications also related to energy conservation, reuse and recycling concepts and has developed many other processes along his journey. He founded and operated a successful turnkey think tank; research, design and fabrication business for 14+ years that specialized in developing advanced technologies.

Kirk worked with NASA as a rocket propulsion engineer, constructed and operated 3 municipal waste water treatment plants and recently worked in a third world war torn country as a civilian Water Quality Specialist.

Since 2012 Kirk has been working full time on the concept of an economical off-grid power source and water treatment project, called the Ambient Harvester Project (AHP). Up until this point, Kirk has single handedly advanced his self-funded AHP project with bench testing, constructing shell housing for the initial AHP technology testing, initiating full-scale equipment concept design, along with beginning the energy module fabrication and testing. To synergistically accelerate his efforts on this “Better Earth” technology Kirk has recently partnered with Sheila Seppi, Founder of SpiritWay Wellness, to help integrate the AHP technology and build the initial The 7Stars Project EcoPodsTM technology into a future Healing Center.

The 7SP will be combining AHP technology with cutting-edge physics applications utilizing the tools of light, sound, electricity, plasma, magnetism, and advanced water technologies along with gathering Ambient Energy to create an entirely new Holistic Healing Environment within the healing center. Now the project must finalize development of a full-scale prototype Energy Module for energy production, storage, distribution, charging and amplification including system controls (which is currently our main focus).

SpiritWay Wellness 
Founder Sheila Seppi
 (organized as a non-profit entity) focuses on serving as a catalyst for balanced change by providing spiritual, emotional, mental and physical life options. Focused on the spiritual aspects of healing and self-discovery; workshops, seminars, classes, intensive training programs, spiritual teachings and private healing sessions are offered. Combining proven holistic healing techniques with ancient wisdoms and metaphysical spiritual teachings, Sheila specializes in quantum science healing, bodywork, exo-intergration, and energy healing techniques that balance body, mind and spirit. She is a holistic healing practitioner, wellness mentor, spiritual advisor and teacher; minister, energy healing/vibrational sound practitioner, ceremonialist, and is certified in a multitude of hands-on- healing modalities. She uses intuitive guidance, scalar wave lasers, quantum energy, sound vibration, neurophysiology, kinesiology, traditional indigenous medicine practices and body/mind integrative healing techniques to empower her clients and restore natural balance and joy to their lives.

It is our life mission to help create a Better Earth for all to experience its joy. We now need your help in realizing the full potential of this advanced technology and healing center to blossom and come to fruition.

Enlightened ones call on you now to join us any way you can in helping to collectively create this vision of Better Earth during the Dawning of this New Renaissance that we are all blessed to be a part of helping to manifest!

For more information, to view healing art and/or to provide any assistance contact: or

To make a donation, please make checks payable to:

7Stars Ltd. P.O. Box 1961 Leadville, CO 80461 or visit the website of and click the donation button and the funds will be transferred to the 7Stars Ltd. not-for-profit organization at your request.

Thank you for your desire in helping to spread the positive energy and helping to anchor the paradigm of bringing to reality a new brilliant future for our Mother Earth and Her Creations!