Take a Journey

Take a journey through quantum physical realities as envisioned by artist Kirk Bradley with his captivating ‘Luminations.’ Brilliant color and incredible detail bring each unique manifestation to life.

More About Kirk
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    "Kirk, you have created a collective masterpiece. Your Luminations display so many phases of consciousness."

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    "As the earth's energy continues to increase, more and more people will recognize what you have created and begin to find the universe inside themselves. With your Luminations, you have provided some maps."

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    "Thank you for letting me swim in the sea of consciousness through your Luminations, Kirk!"

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'The Art of the Infinities - A Quantum Visual Journey'
Hardcover Gallery Book

A beautiful, 60-page, hardcover book displaying more than 35 vivid-color ‘Luminations’ by artist Kirk Bradley, with insightful descriptions of each, as well as a detailed introduction by Kirk to the Power of the Infinities.