About Kirk

The Quantum Arts Within the Infinities

Kirk Bradley’s joy of oil painting was ignited years ago in a Colorado high school and continues to shine throughout his incredibly unique life journey — a journey Kirk calls, ‘The Walking Dream of the Quantum.’

Along his lifetime pathway as a professional artist, Kirk has also excelled in the worlds of rocket and scramjet propulsion engineering, environmental sciences, and as Founder and CEO of a successful commercial research, development, and fabrication business that he operated for 14 years. He also holds three degrees.

With each masterpiece enjoying the raw nature of his untainted creativity, unique styles, intuitively guided subject matters that comingle in themes, and methods of using proprietary mediums and techniques, Kirk’s creations — his ‘Luminations’ — have been labeled by some collectors as “healing art” and “blending the realms of scientific discovery through artistic expression.” Kirk passionately keeps a spectrum of colors on his pallet and creative ‘arrows in his quiver,’ manifesting both daily within his Luminations studio.

Join Kirk — through his mind, eyes, and brush — on an on-going collective journey via his captivating Luminations, now available for purchase in a variety of media. Each ‘visionary download’ bursts with brilliant colors, incredible layers of detail, fractal concepts, and sacred universal geometries.
Experience a flood of positive energies bringing each unique manifestation to life with what Kirk calls, ‘A Surreal Glimpse of Local Space~Time.’

Take a journey with Kirk in this epoch of transition as the world’s greatest reset begins!