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Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass

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Through the Looking Glass
‘The Epochs of Transition*’

Within the Peering Port of Creations Eye the matrix of time and space unveil in surrealistic visions the spirit of ancient, present, and future events; expanding through the fluid heavens advancing within the Seven Epochs. Sky lights and energies, refiners fires forge and focus, tomorrow becomes today, today becomes the past; symbols within symbols...  all becomes one.

I. The Earth emerges from embryonic water as a blue gem in creation’s eye; to receive its first light with purpose defined.  ll. Refined matter and elements forged in forgotten stars combine to start organic life’s role in planetary development.  lll. Dry land emerges as prehistoric physical and biological cycles systematically prepare and shape the planet.  IV. Mankind is on the Earth, countless civilizations grow and collapse in relentless winds of change; pride repeats its cycle. The Ying and Yang duel.  V. The frontiers unfold in sagas of ongoing re-colonization’s. Freedom, an uneasy refuge; a change of ways or a loop until we learn?  VI. Today; a fullness of time, an epoch of transition as the great reset begins. A dream of what we have not dreamed awaits.  VII. The future unfolds time and space... paradise energies if we choose.

For deep within the Eye of the Nexus, those who desire to tune in will have unlimited capacity to harvest from the Ancients line upon line of their wisdoms. For the freely given universal records of knowledge and enlightenment will exponentially start to flood the Earth. And the dimensional shifting effects of our elevated consciousness and profound manifestations will energize the Earth into helping part the veils throughout the next epoch of our journeys.

And the eternal enlightenment cycles shall continue to advance our understanding as we evolve into powerfully manifesting Creators of Light: forever being; forever I Am.

*Integrating downloads through the blending of art, science, engineering, and the Quantum~Physical. See details in the manuscript: ‘The Walking Dream of the Quantum.’

Produced on semi-gloss, acid-free paper using archival inks to guarantee a lifetime without fading or loss of color. All art prints include a 1" white border in addition to the selected image size to allow for future framing and matting.

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